What If There Was No Electricity for a Year

So, you’re sitting at home watching some top-notch Bright Side videos and sipping on hot chocolate. Hey few things in life are better! Nothing bodes trouble… until your screen suddenly goes black! “What the…” You move the mouse. Nothing. Push the power button. Still, no life. “Ah, must’ve accidentally knocked the cord out of the […]

Turning Gravity Into Light – Smarter Every Day 146

Hey it’s me Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Every Day. If you’ve ever watched Smarter Every Day you know that I spend a lot of time off the grid. Right now I’m in the Amazon rainforest and I don’t really know what this thing is. I think it’s some kind of termite.. thing, on a […]

Definition of Voltage and Current (ElectroBOOM101-002)

Hi, now that you know the most accurate theory of how electron came to life, let’s get into electronics, but not quite yet. I can’t just tell you what the voltage and current are – the video would be too short. You won’t quite grasp the meaning. So when scientists were discovering electricity, they already […]

The Map of Physics

So physics is a huge subject that covers many different topics going from galaxies in the depths of space right down to subatomic particles. And if you don’t already know physics its difficult sometimes to see how all these different subjects are related to each other. So this is my attempt to show that in […]

Gravity and Electricity

Something interesting, that I don’t think a lot of people know, is that gravity is very similar to electricity. Both forces follow an inverse square law. Both exert forces through fields. And both attract, although electricity repels as well. We know that gravity attracts, it’s what keeps us on the Earth, and it’s also what […]

Can You Really Chew An Indium Stick Of Gum? Metal You Can Bite!

Okay, today I’m going to be testing out if you can really chew Indium metal like a stick of gum. So I made my own stick of indium gum here. Actually it’s just pure indium metal. I flattened it out. So I want to test if you can chew it like gum. So indium is […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

Gravity – Round Cast Iron Base for M20 Poles

Hi and welcome to the Adam Hall Group Studios. I’d like to show you this very elegant and useful speaker stand from Gravity. The special thing about this is, of course, its base. Most regular speaker stands have a tripod type of base which is perfect. It’s very stable and it’s very safe but sometimes […]