Microwave Gold Melt Pt2

this is about five minutes and the water hasn’t even been boiling inside but it is steaming a little bit, so ok, so I put it in one microwave, not for thirty minutes, but for about fifteen minutes and then it started getting too hot in the microwave, so I switched it to the other […]

JUST ADD WATER… And your pencil MELTS AWAY?! – Mystery Art Snacks

Well, if it isn’t time for another ArtSnacks unboxing. Which means- [Sock Kasey] It’s snack time?!?! [Kasey] No, it’s not snack time. It’s unboxing time. [The Sock] Aww man. [Flesh] I mean there will be a snack in the box [Sock] What!!? [Flesh] Later! Calm down. And hey, if you want to get your own […]

How to Get Carbon Graphite Electrode from Zinc Carbon Battery

[ ♫ – Intro Music Plays -] In order to find graphite electrodes, you need to buy and make sure that the batteries are carbon zinc Alkaline batteries will not work I also recommend wearing gloves, because the process is dirty I begin by taking the packaging apart and looking for a way to disassemble […]

Electrode-Specification and Features of Electrode E-7018X|Mechanicalstudents.com

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Top 5 strongest metals

5. Osmium. Osmium is a bluish white colour. Its melting point is 3030 degrees C. It was discovered in 1803. Osmium is producing very hard alloys that used in fountain pen tips, needles and electrical contacts. 10 % osmium and 90% platinum uses in surgical implants like pacemakers and replacement heart valves. You can also […]