Melting Scrap Copper – Pouring Copper

since I have all this copper and I might as well start melting some bars… figured I would go ahead and do that today! We got lots of copper here so I guess I’ll start by throwing a nice little chunk in the bottom and I think since there’s so much copper here I’m gonna […]

How To Get your Hormones Into “Weight-Loss” Mode And Melt Away Fat | ALL ABOUT YOUR HEALTH

The main chemical messengers that control the body functions are the hormones. Estrogen and testosterone are the main sex hormones in females and males, but there are many other hormones in our body which control its functions. In order to maintain your health at higher level, you should know how hormones work. For instance, there […]

Melting Copper and Aluminum into Bars and Rounds – Devil Forge

I didn’t cover it in my last video but I wanna make sure everyone knows that I do preheat my molds and my tongs… just wanna make sure I pointed that on this video since I didn’t point it out in my last one once again we’ll let the borax do its thing to help […]

Is it a good practice to combine small portions of content from other sites?

Today’s question comes from New Delhi, India. Rajesh asks, “Hi, Matt. Can a site still do well in Google if I copy only a small portion of content from different websites and create my own article by combining it all, considering I will mention the source of that content by giving their URLs in the […]

POEMPORTRAITS: an interactive artwork combining poetry + design + AI

Public Speaking Pro Tips (Merge Your Profession with Your Passion)

Performing Mail Merge with the Google Docs API

Merge Files: Supplement Your Primary Source

So you’ve imported your products and you want to add, exclude, or optimize some of your product data without altering your online store’s content… This can be achieved using merge files. Here we’ll be briefly going over the purpose of merge files, how to prepare them, and how to host them for use in GoDataFeed. […]