Melting Holographic Chrome – Drip Effect Nail Design

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a cool Melting Holographic look. Not like – “I’m melting! I’m melting!” Not like that. Kind of like these metals melting. You get what I mean. Gonna use the Urban Graffiti topcoat first of all. We don’t […]


Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, it’s gonna be that hot that you’re gonna have to like, you know, strip off, I think. It’s gonna be that hot, Kirsty: …you’re gonna have to get the air conditioning on. Adam: I didn’t bring my bikini. Kirsty: Adam. Because we’re gonna […]

How to combine two files in Windows 10 using command prompt

Hey guys that either Magic Monk. Today what I’m gonna do is teach you how to combine two files in Windows and you can only see that they work if they’re text files but anyway you can try combining other files if you like so if you right-click and you choose new and you choose […]

How To Make A Patty Melt With Avocado, Bacon, Cheese, Caramelized Onion | Rockin Robin Cooks

hi everyone today’s episode I’m making a delicious patty melt now I’m making this my way which means I’m not using rye bread it’s just not a bread that my family likes to eat so we’re going with sourdough now to love sourdough so and we’re gonna add a little bit of bacon and avocado […]

Ep. 2: Deviled Duck Eggs In D.C. | Fluffy Off The Menu | Fuse

Hey you guys, I’m Gabriel Iglesias [In Voice] Ohmygod, It’s him! Yes, yes it is and I am joined by my new buddy mister Travis Weiss, culinary director at The Rebellion. Is that right? “The Rebellion” or just… Just Rebellion That’s right, they’re so badass they don’t even need “the” they’re just Rebellion We, today, […]

Highly Suspect Praise Grimes While Tackling Fuse’s Emoji Tower | Lollapalooza 2017 | Fuse

Hey, I’m Johnny. Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m Rich. We are Highly Suspect, hanging out with you, Fuse at Lollapalooza 2017. Oh! Look at this thing. Looks like we’re gonna answer some questions, so uh, I don’t know. Who’s up first? I’ll go first. Alright. Let’s hit it. I wanna grab this four-leaf clover ’cause that’s […]

Big Freedia Cooks With Chef Ronnie Woo | Big Freedia Bounces Back | Fuse

♪ Freedia ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ ♪ ♪ [Knocking] Freedia, you’re early ♪ ♪ I’m gonna go get dressed Woo woo woo He might be known for his delicious cooking But he lookin’ delicious right now ya little won ton Ya little dim sum [Laughing] C’mon in, I’m […]

Custom Function in Power Query to Merge 2 Tables

This is serious We are going to take on custom functions in Power Query and once you get this working I want you to call somebody who loves you in this world. And let them know that you got a custom function working in power query. And if you are the only one in this […]

How To Combine Upper and Lower Body Exercises

Hi I’m Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Advisor. This is how to do combo moves. When it comes to exercise, we want to give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, right? One way to do that with strength training is to combine movements. We’re gonna combine upper and lower body to give […]