Roman Discoveries Si & Nicola White – Metal detecting & Mudlarking

Well the Sun’s just peeking through, out comes this little Tudro, I believe – button. Great condition maybe it’s a bit later I don’t know but I wonder if that’s silver or not or does it just pewter great condition though, happy with that nice probably 17th century now thinking about it Little Tudor or […]

Ruthenium Metal – Invulnerable to Aqua Regia

Greetings fellow nerds. I have here a one gram sample of pure ruthenium metal. It’s very useful to a professional inorganic chemist, but has limited use for an amateur. Nonetheless it is very interesting because it’s almost impervious to most acids. Let me show you. Here it is immersed in hydrochloric acid. As you can […]

Will Liquid Metal Cast in Clay?

Guys, Welcome back! I’m Nate with The King of Random and today we are going to try casting molten metal in clay. In the past, we have tried casting molten aluminum in a few different things We’ve used muffin tins. We’ve used plaster, and we’ve tried using sand. We’ve had mixed results with the sand. […]

Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 23: Recovering Inquart Silver

Alright everyone welcome at Cody’s lab so in this bucket is the liquid that is the result of adding dilute nitric acid to the silver gold alloy, so this liquid contains mostly silver nitrate a little bit of copper nitrate and a trace of palladium and I think today I want to extract the silver. […]

Precious Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 12: Gold From Computer Ash

[music] Alright everyone! Welcome back to Cody’s Lab. So I figured it’s about time I finally get around to processing this material that came from electronic computer parts. See this is what the material looks like after it’s been chopped up in a ball mill I think he had used and this just like computer […]

How to Make a Metal Detector (Arduino Project!)

Hey! Look what I got! Is this supposed to be a weed wacker or a metal detector? I think it’s a metal detector. Let’s turn it into a metal detector. I had to get riddle of the bubbles… for science. Here’s how you use it. Hold the trigger to scan, point at some metal, and […]

Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

We’re off on another adventure We are in the heart of gold country a lot of gold mines all around these hills where I’m at And the Civil War battles were fought right here too and there’s camps nearby Probably so there’s a chance we could find some Civil War stuff, but we’re going to […]

Codys Mine Part 16: Extracting Metal (Precious metals episode 15)

Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’s Lab. So this is going to be an episode of my mining series—as you can see, I’m up at the mine— but also part of my precious metal refining and recovery series because today I’m going to actually attempt to recover some gold and probably silver from this mine […]

Make A Trash Can Metal Foundry

What’s up guys! It’s that time of year where I’m starting to get the itch to get back into metal working again. Now, I went on Amazon to order a new clay graphite crucible, but apparently I ordered the wrong one because this thing is absolutely massive and way to big for my mini metal […]

Halloween Pumpkin and Skull / Making Pendant (Silver,Gold)

It is a T-shirt that a daughter likes and usually wears Apply an image to make a rough sketch. Paste the sketched character into the pool Material preparation The base used to attach and detach from the workbench is Ebony wood. Ebony is very hard and stable, and contrasts with silver to aid identification. Using […]