How to Melting gold into bars | The gold rush season New 2019 Mold Graphite Crucibles Scrap gold.

Hello friends, gold rush. Today I will make gold bars. Devices that using Graphite Casting Melting Ingot Mold Graphite Crucibles. Gas Torch Flame Gun Lighter or Spray gun liquefied gas gun and borax. How to Clean Ratio Nitric acid 1 water 1 You can buy various equipment from Ebay and amazon. Except gold. Sprinkle a […]

Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

To be successful in mining you gotta have a little bit of luck. You get good years, you get bad years; just be stubborn, I think. Never give up, you know, and don’t overspend. The beets operation by itself, we have a good family operation. We’re very lucky to be involved with people and have […]

“Gold Rush” Mining Crews Weld in Miller Training Lab

Well we got invited to go to the Miller plant to see what kind of products they all have. I mean, we’re in the field but you know there’s a whole other world out there. Well you know what is nice is to see all these new products. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on […]

“Gold Rush” Star Shares Welding Tips

So a big thing with welding in the field or, or in the shop is perhaps pretty important. It’s pretty crucial and usually up there in the Yukon you don’t really get clean iron too often. A guy tries to take the time to prep everything you know, buff the paint, clean the slag off […]