How To Gold Plate onto Medical Grade Stainless Steel – 3 Easy Steps

Okay, today we’re going to show you one of the common uses of our Jewel Master Plating Kit. And that’s for plating medical devices such as these pair of hemostats here. This first solution is the Electro Cleaner Solution. and this just prepares the metal gets any sort of oils or anything off of the […]

24K Gold Plating Stainless Steel – Brush Plating with Universal Plater Kit

Okay Rob, we’re going to talk about gold plating stainless steel using the Universal Plater. Okay, as Terry said we’re set up here with the Universal Plater. This is set up particularly for doing stainless steel. So we have Electro Clean here, we have the Woods Nickel Strike here, and then our 24k Brush Gold […]

Rose Gold Plating- Brush Plating Stainless Steel Measuring Cup

Hi this is Lewis from Gold Plating Services. Today we thought you know it’s Mother’s Day coming up, so we plate something using our Rose Gold solution for you. We got a just a standard kind of stainless-steel measuring cup and to plate it we’re going to be using four different solutions. Our electro clean, […]

Gold Plating Kit – Immersion Electroplating

The quick setup of the Jewel Master immersion system is one of its most valuable features. The solution is stored in the resealable working beakers. There are few other parts and no connection wires. After the beaker lids are removed, the solution electrodes are set into each of the solution beakers and the gold-plated buss […]