How to make an Electricity Generator

Plastic Bottle Cap Soldering Iron Marker Pen Hot Glue Gun DVD (Digital Video Disc) DVD (Digital Video Disc) Hot Glue Gun Adhesive Tape Wood Strip Soldering Iron Hot Glue Gun Super Glue Super Glue DC Motor Thread Scissors Hot Glue Gun DVD (Digital Video Disc) RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Multi-color LED Jumper Wires With Crocodile […]

Styrene Tutorial Guide basic intro plastic model making modeling tips and tricks (Part 1)

my name is Eric Strebel welcome to another video of mine about industrial design whether you’re designer or a model maker and you’re just looking to make high quality models something beyond a paper model that you may normally make styrene is probably a great choice it comes in tons of different varieties thicknesses and […]

Can JB Weld fix a cracked cylinder head? See the proof!!

You know I’ve always heard that JB Weld can fix a cracked engine block or a cracked cylinder head But I’ve never seen it done And I don’t know if you have either but today we’re going to find out once and for all if JB Weld is up to the task of fixing a […]

How to Make a Pair of Cuff Links

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie for and I’m gonna show you how to make a cufflink that looks like it’s been enameled this is one of my favorite projects I’ve done in a long time. I have this cufflink bezel which is this […]

Proper Technique for Gluing PVC Joints (Solvent Cement)

Making a proper glue joint is simple if you follow these few steps. First you make sure you remove all the burrs from the pipe that you’re going to be gluing. The next step is using the proper size dauber. They recommend using half the diameter of the PVC pipe that you’re going to be […]

How To Make A Foam Deep Sea Diver’s Helmet. DIY Halloween Costume

Do you ever wanna just find a quiet space? Away from all of life’s stresses? Well, there’s one place that’s always peaceful. Under the sea. And we all know the best way to visit under the sea is with your own diver’s helmet. Ahh, the serenity. Hi, my name is Chris and I like to […]

Araldite and #Unidond comparison: Quik #Steal #epoxy putty stick or cold weld

Compare two epoxy putty sticks(quick steel) – Araldite and Unibond Instruction for Araldite cold weld based on two component epoxy adhesives Instruction for Unibond cold weld or quick steel based on epoxy putty Cut off a small amount of epoxy putty removing wrap activate the epoxy putty by kneading between the fingers until the material […]

قلم اصلاح الاشياء المكسورة 3 seconds light fix welding compound glue pen

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be on you welcome to new episode of product evaluation channel We buy products from world wide web sites the guaranteed products , if god will and try it on a video as soon as it arrives We evaluate it together. Is it good or not ? do we […]

Finishing 3D Prints 101: How to Glue 3D Printed Parts Together

Hi my name is Shawn with MakerBot learning. Gluing is a great solution when you have objects that you’d like to print larger than the build volume of your 3D printer or for assembly. So in this video we’re going to cover some of the best practices associated with gluing your 3d prints. In order […]


Now , I have decided in this video. that i need to use Some J-B Weld (two part epoxy) Epoxy, and I found a weak spot -Right… in this area right here So=I am going to show you how I USE J-B Weld This version takes about 24 hours to cure Thats if ..done […]