[Electronica] Melting Order – On the Run [ʜ/ʀ]

Good evening Heard. Your signals are coming in fine tonight What about vibration? A radio transmitter could coordinate the movement of the troops to keep an unbroken contact between our forces on the ground, in the air and on the sea You wanna run, you wanna run away You wanna run, you wanna run away […]

GTA 5 NEW BENNY MERGE EASY GLITCH AFTER update friend must sit on criminal enterprise

what’s up you two it’s your boy bayshot you coming right back at you with the new and improved bnny merge okay pay close attention to this because you’re gonna want to know you’re gonna need a friend requirements and what your friend is gonna be doing okay he’s gonna sit in the car with […]

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Metal Gear Solid Corruptions

[Audio is misordered] God, Colonel, are you having a stroke? [Solid Snake voice] Got it. Ready? Go. Oh my fucking God, I’m the fighting polygon team. Colonel, there doesn’t seem to be any enemies. I’m completely alone in this psychedelic nightmare. [Regular voice] I am immortal. [Solid Snake] Ow, my leg is twitching. Aw, Colonel, […]