How to solder broken eyeglasses frame

My eyeglasses frame broken. Now it’s time to repair it. First sanding color coating, rust and clean any grease on the surface that you need to solder. Rub it until the surface looks shiny. Sanding another part until it look shiny too. Join the two part and solder them with lead-free solder wire. normal lead […]

You can see infrared?!? Failing safety glasses

Hi! This is a follow-up to my latest video where I showed infrared leakage from my three, cheap, green laser pointers. Why is invisible infrared a problem? Is it really invisible? Won’t safety glasses protect against infrared? These were some of your questions I’ll try to answer in this video. In short: Your eyesight could […]

Expert Mode – Through the Fire and Flames – Joe Penna

10 Ways To Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses

Tinh easy and cheap ways to remove the scratches on your glasses for good if you’re anything like me you probably get annoyed when your glasses are smudged your scratch no matter how well you take care of your glasses sometimes it seems like smudges and scratches literally appear out of nowhere how it’s possible […]

How to see invisible UV Light – Easy At-Home Science

Hi, I’m Tech Adams Today, I wanted to show you this. To the naked eye and to the camera, this piece of glass appears clear, but it’s not. Oohh, see how clear. In order to show that it’s not clear, I need three things. A black piece of card, a yellow highlighter, and an ultraviolet […]

Tech Tip: Adjusting VIKING™ Helmets for Bifocals

Hello, I’m Dennis Klingman We’re at the lincoln electric customer training lab And we’re going to go over a topic today that’s fairly current uh… the topic is helmet adjustment for people with eye correction lenses uh… i happen to have bifocals they’re a blended bifocal uh… this works with regular bifocals but if you […]