Microwave Gold Melt Pt2

this is about five minutes and the water hasn’t even been boiling inside but it is steaming a little bit, so ok, so I put it in one microwave, not for thirty minutes, but for about fifteen minutes and then it started getting too hot in the microwave, so I switched it to the other […]

SF’s Hammer Tutorials – Rappelling Combine

Hello and welcome to this tutorial! I will just dive right into it and show you what you will learn here today. So you see we have a room, glass and we walk forward, and the combine drops down and walks forward. Yeah, so that’s exactly what we will do in this tutorial here today. […]

Fusing – Learn How to Fuse Decals To Glass

Fuseworks FuseArt Decals are an exciting way to embellish your fused glass projects Decals come in 4 fabulous styles Contempo, Bug-a-Boos, Mod and Floral Start with a pre-fired glass base, select your FuseArt Decal and cut to fit the glass Drop the decal into filtered water and wait 30 seconds. Remove from water and slide […]

Diy Microwave Kiln | Melt Glass in the Microwave

It only takes a few minutes in your regular microwave oven, to heat up this microwave kiln to temperatures hot enough to fuse glass or even melt metals Before I show you how to make a microwave kiln Let me better explain what it is Microwave kiln is… a kiln But it doesn’t use gas […]

Fusing – How to Fuse Glass In A Microwave

Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is a revolutionary way to fuse glass inside the microwave in less than 3 minutes Let me show you how it works First, the kiln consists of two parts; the base and the lid. The lid has a special non-toxic coating that helps capture and intensify microwaves To use, simply place a […]

How to evenly melt a single wick candle

So I’m here to talk to you today about single wick candles in glass containers. I’m here right now I’m showing you an example of a glass or a candle in a glass container with a single wick that has been not burned yet. In a minute I’ll show you a candle that has burned […]

Thief II: The Metal Age, How I Love Thee – The Rageaholic

I hear the same, tired complaints every day but one has made so many repeat appearances, I feel it has to be addressed: “RazörFist! Why do you hate everything?! Are there any games you actually like?!” Well, putting aside the fact that my videos are even split between positive and negative reviews, you’re damn right […]

See Thru Engine Runs Tequila, 151, and Propane – in 4K Slow Motion

Welcome back. This is part two. Of the see-through engine video. That we uploaded a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen that video yet. Do a quick search. Or look for the link in the description area below. And check that out. And this right here. Is pretty much. How the engine looks with […]