Nature of Electricity​ | Basic Concepts | Basic Electrical Engineering

Nature of Electricity According to Modern electron theory of matter, all matter whether solid, liquid or gas is composed of very small particles called molecules. A molecule is n turn made up of atoms. An atom consists of a central part called nucleus and around the nucleus (called extra-nucleus), there are a number of electrons […]

How Powering with Atmospheric Electricity Works

Hi Gang! I’d previously demonstrated generating power using atmospheric electricity. A hexacopter was used to lift one end of a wire high up into the air. Meanwhile the other end of the wire was connected to a corona motor near the ground. Electricity then flowed through that wire and corona motor, making it turn. In […]

World’s Largest Batteries – (Pumped Storage)

Electricity faces a fundamental problem that comes with pretty much any product that’s provided on-demand: our ability to generate large amounts of it doesn’t match up that closely with when we need it. Wind and solar power are becoming more cost effective, but they’ll always be unreliable and intermittent sources of energy. Retailers use warehouses […]

What is Electricity?

Electricity exists all around us in nature. For example during storms raindrops can freeze into ice particles the friction between the particles creates an electric charge and this build up of energy is released through bolts of lightening some animals like electric eels can store energy and generate electric shocks used to hunt and fend […]

How Electricity Generation Really Works

The importance of electricity in our modern world can hardly be overstated. What was a luxury a hundred years ago is now a critical component to the safety, prosperity, and well-being of nearly everyone. And yet, electricity is so unlike our other physical necessities. We can’t hold it in our hand; We can’t see it […]

Atmospheric Electricity Powering a Corona Motor/Electrostatic Motor

Hi Gang! Here’s my corona motor running on atmospheric electricity. There’s just a wire extending up from the corona motor high up into the air. It took a few tries, and the enormous help of a friend with a large enough hexacopter, willing to lift the wire up, and as you can see, it works. […]

Generate Electricity with Peltier Module – The Seebeck Effect

Hi Gang! I’m going to show how I used this Peltier module, and some cold and hot water to generate electricity. Here this LED is being brightly lit by it. I found my Peltier module in this hot and cold water dispenser. I opened up the back, removed the fan, and the heat sink. Stuck […]