Firefighter Turnout Gear Offers Superior Flame Resistance| DuPont™ Nomex® -“Beating the Heat”

01:00:02:20, 01:00:09:11 >>LIN WEIHUANG: Right now China is advancing rapidly. For firefighters, it’s a challenge. 01:00:10:20, 01:00:15:14 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I grew up in the country. When I first got into the city, I’d never seen buildings so tall. 01:00:17:07, 01:00:20:15 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I thought, how do we fight fires in such tall buildings? 01:00:21:05, 01:00:24:09 >>LIN […]

The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2

It’s been ten years since the release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in 2001. The series has since expanded with multiple sequels spin-offs and a future of various possibilities. Hell at this rate, they might as well call Kojima Productions… …Metal Gear Productions instead. But even with the 25th anniversary of the […]

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Victory Song

The warrior’s heart was seriously injured You were there to heal it Carrying in your back across the battlefield Haven of the heart, a book of remembrance. Believe that you will reunited With your friends one day Keep in your hearts The days of our battles. Sing a Victory Song And we’ll mark it forever […]

Metal Gear MSX review | the road to Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid the blockbuster hit for the original PlayStation. A game that not only reignited the Metal Gear series but also the stealth genre as a whole making it one of the most influential cinematic releases of all time let’s go back to where it all began and see how this legendary title came […]

MXR Fullbore Metal

The Complete Metal Gear Solid Timeline (Pt. 1) – Rise of Big Boss ft. David Hayter | The Leaderboard

It’s me… Snake Are you sure you’re prepared to tell the whole story of Metal Gear? Metal Gear?! Yeah… Metal Gear. I just hope the Leaderboard is ready…

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Metal Gear Solid Corruptions

[Audio is misordered] God, Colonel, are you having a stroke? [Solid Snake voice] Got it. Ready? Go. Oh my fucking God, I’m the fighting polygon team. Colonel, there doesn’t seem to be any enemies. I’m completely alone in this psychedelic nightmare. [Regular voice] I am immortal. [Solid Snake] Ow, my leg is twitching. Aw, Colonel, […]