Dryer Not Heating? Thermal Fuse Testing, Repair

since you can’t tell if a thermal fuse has blown out simply by looking at it you’ll need to perform a continuity test continuity tests will determine if a continuous electrical path is present in the fuse if the fuse has continuity it should be functioning properly no continuity means the electrical path broken and […]

Soot or Yellow Flames on Open Cooktop Burners

All ranges come set for natural gas. If you range is connected to LP gas and you’re experiencing issues such as flames being too high or yellowish or sooting or staining to your pots on the top burners and or the oven contact your installer or LP Gas Company to make sure that your unit […]

3 Most Common Microwave Problems | Fuse, Door Switch, F1E4 Error

okay today I’m going to show you how you can easily fix the three most common problems that go wrong with a microwave the first one is the microwave is completely dead the screen doesn’t turn on the second one is a combination where you might see a door error the the light might stay […]

GE Apex Pro & GE Apex Pro CH Telemetry Transmitters – Device Information – AvanteHS

Today we are going to discuss the GE Apex Pro Telemetry Unit and also the Apex Pro CH. As you can see these two telemetry are extremely similar, a little bit of difference in the color variation, but overall the exact same structure on the unit. The Apex Pro and the Apex Pro CH, as […]

How to Clean Stainless Steel Vent Trim

While cleaning your range, identify the vent trim, the area where the hot air from your oven ventilates. Please make sure before you start that the surface has cooled down. It is not recommended that you clean your range while cooking or immediately after using your oven. You may clean your range as indicated on […]

Reference: X-ray inspection of casting parts

My name is Ludger Ohm, I m foundry engineer and Co-Owner of Ohm and Häner in Olpe, Germany. We decided for a VisiConsult X-ray inspection system, because of a big project from India. As the train-gearboxes were big and heavy the challenge was the part handling. We decided for this customized top-loader solution that allows […]


300 A, electrode welding Galaxy 3000 is a device that maximise the 300 A power in just 200 kilos and with reduced dimensions thanks to cutting-edge technology. The Galaxy 3000 automatically adapts to all types of network either three-phase or single-phase. The Galaxy 3000 incorporates the VRD safety system that reduces the no-load voltage protecting […]