Inwerterowy półautomat spawalniczy MIG 145 NO GAS – NOWOŚĆ

Mig 145 no gas is the smallest semi-automatic welding machine in the Magnum brand offer. The device is intended only for welding with a sheath wire. That is, the lifting of a heavy and troublesome cylinder falls out. Handles, both work and bulk, are permanently installed so you do not have to think about the […]


The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point

If you follow our sister channel SciShow Space, you might remember something that we pointed out recently: Even the coolest places on the Sun’s surface are hot enough to melt every compound that humans have ever found, created, or even predicted. And it turns out that there’s a whole field of scientific research devoted to […]

Function Animation of IBEDA Flashback Arrestor (Flame Arrestor): How they work

IBEDA safety devices (Flashback arrestors) containing multiple functions conform to international standards EN730 Part 1 and ISO 5175 and are equipped with at least 2 and as many as 4 safety features. a gas non-return valve, a flame arrestor, a thermal cut off valve, and a pressure sensitive cut off valve. The spring-loaded gas non-return […]

Fire and flame — TUM-engineers develop next-generation gas turbines

Glistening brightness. Temperature: some 1500 degrees Celsius. That’s the way a gas flame burns. This one here has an output of about 50 kilowatts. One could power a car with it, or heat a house. But this flame is burning for science. Researchers from the Technische Universität München ignite this fire. They are interested in […]