High End Tig Welding Cups with DogFab.com | Step Up Your Tig Skills

I am here with “the dog” Michael Furick I appreciate you having me here So today he is going to show us some of his cool cups and we are going to watch him make some pro stock bike wheelie bars

How To TIG Weld Aluminum – Pointers and Troubleshooting with Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company and welcome to another edition of eastwood tech videos they were talking about aluminum welding there’s a bunch of different ways that you can weld aluminum but today we’re going to cover probably the most popular two ways that’s TIG welding and mig welding we’re going to start off […]

Welding Basics & How-to TIG Weld – Livestream Part 2 of 2 – Eastwood

so that’s basically what you’re going to hold it I like to it’s good to either throw a little bit of court in your lap like this so you have some excess or I like to throw it over my shoulder and pull it down the reason I do that is then you’re not pulling […]

How To TIG Weld Like a Pro! TIG Gas Lens Kit for TIG Welders – Eastwood

everybody mad for me to accompany if you really want to step up your TIG welding game and a gas lens nozzle kit like this from eastwood company will make a world of difference whether you’re a beginner or an expert anyone can benefit from using this on their torch a traditional take nostril releases […]

Welding Basics & How-To TIG Weld – Livestream Part 1 of 2 – Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company thanks for joining us for another live technical show that we’re putting on for you guys today we’re discussing TIG welding we’re going to do an intro to take welding for anybody that’s just knew with this or you just want to hone your skills a little bit learn […]

Skeleton Tig Welding Torch Holder

whats going on?…its like 9:30 at night everybody is in bed, and im just chillin in the shop I flet like making something so… I have had this little tig torch holder at my welding table it works but I wanted to make something cool

You Need This Tool – Episode 5 | Tig Welding Must Have

It is Friday fool and you need all these tools ITS FRIDAY FOOL ! alright guys I have had a couple request for the welder I am not quite gonna do the welder yet although I will tell you what I use for a TIG welder but I am going to go into the TIG […]