Clarke MIG102NG 90Amp No Gas MIG Welder

The Clarke MIG102NG No Gas MIG Welder is ideal for automotive and general fabrication use. The MIG102NG welder does not require a gas cylinder, instead using flux-cored steel welding wire, a type of wire which produces its own gas shroud as it burns. Producing a maximum welding power of 90 Amps, this machine can weld […]

T4E – Setup of XMT 350 MPa with SS 22D Wire Feeder (GMAW)

Today, we’re going to look at setting up our XMT 350 with our SS 22D Wire Feeder. The first thing we’re going to look at is, we’re going to get our filler metal. And make sure you have the right size. You want to check your AWS classification and your filler metal diameter, which is […]

Sveising – et lite, elektrisk fyrverkeri! // Welding – minature electric fireworks

WELDING Welding gun Steel Metal electrode wire The radiation emitted is strong enough to cause damage to skin and eyes An electric arc forms between the welding gun and the steel The welding gun feeds out electrode wire which fuses with the steel As the metal cools, it hardens into a solid weld

Hot Rod Garage – Build a Welding Cart with the Eastwood MIG 175 – Finnegan from Roadkill

yeah lots of big words like this eastwood big 175 come with optional parts but what do you do when you’ve got a MIG welder take well they’re a plasma cutter and a very small shot like I have to build your own car so today I’m gonna test out the eastwood make 175 while […]

RMD Welding Technology Doubles Productivity for Sigma Thermal

Anything that makes the welder’s job easier is a good investment, to me. Even with no profit, if it makes the guys’ job easier, you’ve made a better workplace, you’ve made a better environment. One of the things I love about the PipeWorx, it does a great job of MIG welding pipe. It also does […]

Clarke MIG 145 No-Gas/Gas MIG Welder

The Clarke MIG 145 Welder offers the advantages of standard MIG welding without the need for gas bottles. Alternatively, it can easily be converted to use conventional shielding gases with the optional accessories which are available separately. This easy to set up MIG welder features a professional style, non-live torch which is a distinct advantage […]

Welding Basics – Welding Tips and Tricks – MIG + WIG + Arc + Robotic Welding 101

Welding is a process that uses electric to bring a particular diameter electrode to its kindling point and join 2 metallic pieces of metal together. Each type of material from steel to stainless to aluminium all have different melting points but typically on a GMAW Mig-welding Arc you can reach temperatures of 10,000 degrees at […]

Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

My name is Tony Driskill, I’m the General Manager for Sigma Manufacturing in Marietta, Georgia. We engineer and manufacture process heating systems. All sorts of end users, oil and gas, power companies, food processing, bio mass, anywhere you can use heat. We have a product that will probably help that process. We got into business […]

How To Weld Thick Steel – MIG Welder 250 Amp – Welding Steel & Aluminum! Light & Portable – Eastwood

the duty cycle is amazing I’ve well it was some of the best equipment the world I want this in my shop and that’s what the pros are saying about the eastwood make 250 which is quickly becoming one of the most popular welders not only with do-it-yourselfers but also professional metal fabricators it can […]