Fan-Made Combine Nova Prospekt Airwaves(part 1)

Uhh command, this is hardpoint 5-tango, I think we’ve something. Investigate. Acknowledged. Report. Nothing. Just a couple parasitics that got loose. Wait, no. I think we’ve got something el-OH SH 5-tango, your restrictors are down, what’s going on down there. I CAN’T- BUGS- INFESTATIO- OVERRU-AAUUGHH Hard point 5-delta, 5-tango in your area has gone dark. […]

A Day With a Combine Soldier 2

-Just gonna change the channel, nothing’s gonna happen this time Wha… wh… what the fuck? oh, oh shit. OH SHIT Don’t worry… nothing gonna happen, nothing gonna attack us this time… I’ve just gotta… grab… the… fuckin… Ahhh… What the…? -Hello! -AHHHHHHHHHHHHU OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN! DIDN’T YOU DIE IN THE LAST EPISODE????? -You […]