How Smoking Just 1 CANNABIS / WEED Joint Affects Your Lungs ● A Must See!

This was not a scientific test but it is an indicator as to what could be going in your body with cannabis being legalized in many parts of the world research into it’s longterm effects will be looked at more closely until then just remember that one simple rule there should only be one thing […]

How to Roll a Joint

how to roll a joint with @SheSmokesJoints Supplies: Joint Paper, Weed, Grinder, Filter (optional) Step 1: Break up your weed and put it in the grinder Make sure there aren’t any stems Grind it up! Be thorough! Step 2: Roll up your filter (if you’re using one) Place the filter at one end of the […]

First Time Marijuana Stories | Anonymously Yours | Ep. 02

It was a new phase in my life. Listening to rock music was the rage… Pink Floyd… The Doors… we were opening up to new experiences! So, someone rolled a joint… and passed it to the next person sitting in the circle. Pink Floyd was playing in the background. Just good vibes all around… in […]

Ology – LOCUST STORM (brutal metal acid trip)

Swatting at fly’s, Swatting at fly’s Swatting at fly’s. Anima. Vesta Till the days end, till the days end Till the days end, ever after Swatting at fly’s, Swatting at fly’s Swatting at fly’s. To no regression Forever more, forever more Forever more abaddon Forever abaddon All and all forever fasting All and all for […]