Marshmello x Flux Pavilion – Room To Fall (Feat. ELOHIM)

Marshmello x Flux Pavilion – Room To Fall (Feat. ELOHIM) At the edge of the Earth Before you jump Before you curse The world you come from When the sky is dark When it’s empty of stars When an edge of a blade Could end who you are, hang on If you can look down […]

Ваша личная радуга :) Обзор Steelseries Flux!

PlayTable Gaming Device Combines Card & Board Games | Future Reviews | NowThis

TAYLOR: Wait, what is that? Plasma beam. ANDREW: Damnit. You have to be very precise. DAIN: There were board games, there are card games, there were board games with cards,t here are video games of board games. But we got the chance to play with something that combines all of them. ANDREW: Good luck. TAYLOR: […]

Melt ( Mikoto Meika cover ) MMD

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was you I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short, just so you’d ask me “Why?” Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair I’m going out I’m looking cute today! Melt! I feel like I’m gonna melt away I can’t tell […]

Trying out at the NBA DRAFT Combine! NBA 2k20 Career Part 3 | K-CITY GAMING

welcome back to NBA career mode part three the dad City character has just got invited along with his roommate to the NBA combine if you want to watch the first two episodes we’ll give you a link right up here pardon my voice I have have a cold got it from him so I’m […]

The Souls Retrospective – Part II – The First Flame

A year and a half after Demonís Souls released in Japan, a new game by From Software was revealed during Sony’s press conference at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. Simply titled Project Dark, the trailer was initially met with little fanfare, but showed an armor-clad warrior battling several demons demons and a group of adventurers […]

*NEW* Combine! First Look!

Hey guys welcome back to a new video! We are taking a new look at the this game mode introduced by V10.40 Patch. Please excuse my potato aim throughout this video. The new game mode Combine is to familiarize yourself with new sensitivity settings. “The goal in this playlist is to reach the end as […]


Whoa! What’s up, YouTube? Today we’re going to be experimenting with gallium. Gallium! (YELLING) Gallium! If you don’t know what gallium is, it’s the 31st element in the periodic table of elements. Gallium is a metal, but it melts in your hand. It has a really, really low melting point. So here we go. You […]

Farming Simulator 17 Mods John Deere 2058 Combine Harvester

Farming Simulator 17 Mods Landwirtschaft Simulator 17 Mods Farming Simulator 17 Mods Landwirtschaft Simulator 17 Mods Farming Simulator 17 Mods

Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier – 2016 Edition

Luigi: Hmm. A-HAA!!! (Sighs) HELP! (screams) Combine: STOP!! Combine: You violated the law! (screams) Police: AW SHIT!! POLICE!! Hold it, idiot!! (Guns Loading) Piece of Garbage! (screaming) Half of these assholes are drug addicts… HEEELP!! Civilian #1: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!! Civilian #2: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! Niko: You know what? Niko: I […]