fLux v Kaar | Beste 2 van de 3 | Rocket League Gameplay

I sip a bit of beer … You’ve got 3 seconds and a loading screen A really fast loading screen You lost control for a second DAMMIT! Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit, god– We’ve established the mood You know what I don’t like about this map? Too many colors? Can’t all be a dark forest with creepy […]

Magic the Gathering: Guide to Blue Cards : Magnetic Flux Blue Card in Magic the Gathering

MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village. And today, we’ll be discussing the blue cards from the blue block of Magic: The Gathering. And now, we’re going to go over Magnetic Flux. Magnetic Flux is a very powerful card. You will see it a lot if you are running across blue artifacts or […]

Fuse Gameplay Part 1 No Commentary (2013) PC,PS3,XBOX 360 – “First Mission”

Hey guys! I come back with a new game. Oh,exactly a PS3 game names Fuse. Let’s take a look! Fuse is a slick third-person shooter that is just fine to play solo, but a lot of fun with friends. The campaign follows a team of four mercenaries who take a job to infiltrate a high-security […]

Distance Joint 2D – Official Unity Tutorial

The distance joint 2D component allows for 2 sprite objects controlled by 2D rigidbody physics to be attached together and kept at a certain distance apart. The distance joint 2D applies a hard limit rather than a gradual force to maintain this desired distance. The connected rigidbody is a reference to the rigidbody 2D component […]

Bound by Flame: Combat Trailer

Adobe Fuse CC Tutorial – Create custom 3D characters [How to create a Zombie]

What’s up guys! We are in a new tutorial of Adobe Fuse I’ll show you quickly how to make a 3D model The interface is fairly simple, based on the menu at the top left Let’s create a new project.. a 3D Zombie The software will guide us step by step To modify the Head, […]

WiLL iT MELT GAME | Easter Food Edition

Bound by Flame: Music Trailer

I’m Olivier Deriviere, the music composer on Bound by Flame. Working on Bound by flame was really inspiring, as the game presents a disembodied dark world full of big monsters and the undead, and where the few survivors left alive are struggling to survive. I really wanted to capture this sense of loneliness and despair […]

The Souls Retrospective – Part II – The First Flame

A year and a half after Demonís Souls released in Japan, a new game by From Software was revealed during Sony’s press conference at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. Simply titled Project Dark, the trailer was initially met with little fanfare, but showed an armor-clad warrior battling several demons demons and a group of adventurers […]


Whoa! What’s up, YouTube? Today we’re going to be experimenting with gallium. Gallium! (YELLING) Gallium! If you don’t know what gallium is, it’s the 31st element in the periodic table of elements. Gallium is a metal, but it melts in your hand. It has a really, really low melting point. So here we go. You […]