How to Combine Boss, Enemy and a Tutorial into One Fight?

Hi, my name is Zagrava and today we’re going to talk about: How to combine boss with a tutorial, and make it work? Furi is the “boss fights only” game where each enemy encounter turns into a long and challenging boss fight. Creators of the game were able to combine the first boss of the […]

Everything is Overpowered – Game Balance Thoughts – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Metro Gameplay

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: I want to talk today about something that bothers me whenever I hear the word, and that word is “overpowered.” It doesn’t bother me at face value, but what bothers me is when people use it baselessly. I’ve seen a lot of players, across a lot of games, typically use this […]

The Animation of Metal Slug

Hiya, my name’s Dan, I’m a professional animator who’s, like, really into video games. This is Video Game Animation Study, and this time we’re gonna look at the animation of Metal Slug. Firstly if you find yourself enjoying this episode then please consider subscribing to the channel and liking the video as this really helps […]