Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

wait so what does this do it’s supposed to stretch out your neck this is upsetting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome back to another ten alright guys videos over by five welcome back to another ten strange Chinese items that Tanner here found on all these shut that Tanner found on […]

Snow Peak Mini Flame Camping Laterne/Kerze – Testbericht Gear Review

Hey Guys today i want to show you my new gadget that i always take with me now. Here i have the Mini Flame Lantern from Snow Peak and what this small gadget do i will show you in the video now. So have fun. The Mini flame from Snow Peak is delivered in a […]

BREAKING NEWS !!! Merge VR 6DoF Blaster Game Controller

dofblast your enemies into oblivion and scratch your itchy trigger finger with the immersive merge vr 60 left blaster game controller this nerf style device lets you play mixed reality smartphone games like a real Navy SEAL you simply clip your phone into the gun and then watch the screen to spot your foe you […]

Sense will help you examine your electricity consumption

This is Sense, a clever little box that will give you unprecedented insight into your home’s entire power usage. I’ve been using it for two months and I like it, but the pace at which is learns is a bit frustrating. It’s installed in your breaker box. A couple of wires run out to breakers […]

The Art of Mines – All About Mines, Tips, and strategy for Using Mines in Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi Youtube, Darth Here: One of my favorite moments in Battlefield is when a carefully planned trap is sprung. Whether it be a great flank, dropping C4 onto some enemies, or one of my personal favorites: the landmines. In Battlefield 3, I even ran with the landmine dogtag. And while they might not offer immediate […]

Chip Fat Electricity!

Next Up to see the Gadget Geeks is mick Aka Lord Chips He has A mobile Chip Shop and the Geeks Think They have an Idea that Can Make his Business run more Economically Go hot by the way Thank you we’ve got [an] Idea for you yep, we’re Gonna Make you Chip Power Chip […]

Welder from a Lighter You’ve Never Seen Before | Lighter Hacks

lighter hack how to do a welder from a lighter with cheap and home materials very used in FUN’N’PIC projects diy very useful tool funny for kids

Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power!!

In a previous project I found a free tv and turned it into a giant solar scorcher. This shoots out a deadly beam of sunlight, that’s hot enough to abuse food, melt metal and burn things you probably shouldn’t. Today seemed like a good day to play with my Solar Scorcher. I positioned my frame […]

Tomoro Naviforce NF9050 Digital Analog Sturdy Stainless Steel Tactical Watch

Hello and welcome to this Simple Tech Quick review! For this short video, we are bringing you the TOMORO Naviforce NF 9050 dual analog and digital stainless steel watch. The Naviforce is a Full stainless steel body, tactical style waterproof watch that won’t break the bank! And for the build quality, this watch is actually […]

Easiest MOT Salvage Tutorial Pt.3

Welcome to Part 3 of my tutorial series on MOT salvaging, where I show you how to turn broken microwaves into cool projects. If you’ve just come across this video, obviously it’s part 3 so go watch parts one and two first or you’ll be lost. They explain how to tear down a microwave and […]