Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

The fundamental currency of our universe is energy. It lights our homes, grows our food, powers our computers. We can get it lots of ways: Burning fossil fuels, splitting atoms, or sunlight striking photovoltaics. But there’s a downside to everything Fossil fuels are extremely toxic, Nuclear waste is… well, nuclear waste, And, there are not […]

Jack and Lift Locations: HOW TO ESCAPE

Welcome back to “How to Escape”. This is Rahrena and today we’re going to be talking about jack stands- Where to place them in the car, what to look for, and the type of jacks to use in certain places. Let’s get started. Here you have the three most common types of jacks that you’ll […]

Legitimate Cold Fusion Exists | Muon-Catalyzed Fusion

Fusion of hydrogen or helium normally requires at least the conditions found in the the cores of stars . High temperatures and densities allow hydrogen and helium nuclei to get close enough to fuse together into bigger nuclei and release a TON of energy, powering even more fusion while releasing enough extra to power the […]

The Map of Physics

So physics is a huge subject that covers many different topics going from galaxies in the depths of space right down to subatomic particles. And if you don’t already know physics its difficult sometimes to see how all these different subjects are related to each other. So this is my attempt to show that in […]

Why is nuclear fusion not used to generate electricity? | #aumsum

Topic: Nuclear fusion. Why is nuclear fusion not used to generate electricity? You really want to know the answer to this, right? But wait. Before answering the question, let us understand what is meant by nuclear fusion. When two lighter nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus, a large amount of energy is released. This […]

How Its Done – Copper Welding – Spot Welding Rod Brazing

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How to complete a Bezel Setting with the Orion Pulse Welder

As a stone setter, working with bezel settings has always been time consuming. Stuller has developed a way to create a secure bezel setting by utilizing the latest fusion technology to assemble any type of jewelry in a fraction of the time. The process is simple. With the bezel upside down, place the stone table […]

Introduction to fusion welding processes: part 1/2

Hello, welcome to the first lecture on the online course on Analysis and Modelling of welding My name is Gandham Phanikumar. I am a faculty member of the department of Metallurgical Materials Engineering – IIT, Madras. In this first lecture, we are going to introduce the different welding processes, and then look at how the […]

Microstructure Formation in Fusion Welds

Welcome to the lesson on Microstructure Formation in Fusion Weldments. In this lesson, we will be discussing how the grain structure will be evolving, whether the microstructure will have only grains or the grains with cellular or dendritic kind of appearance and whether the segregation channels are going to be appearing at the center line […]

Fusion 160 Welder/Generator Is Portable and Versatile

Research indicates that the industry is wasting time waiting for a means to move their portable welder/generator solutions, wasting time reworking unsatisfactory welds, and managing multiple pieces of equipment to weld safely indoors and outdoors. This industry trend does not have to relate to you. Introducing the new Fusion 160 from Miller. It’s our newest […]