Single Phase Electricity Explained – wiring diagram energy meter

How to Make a Shunt Current Sense Resistor

Hi, I want to make a *beep* I said shunt! I want to make a *shunt* current sense resistor. Basically the way we measure current is by converting it into voltage passing it through a known resistor which we call a shunt and so the current is the measured voltage divided by the known resistance. […]

That White People Shit | WATCH THE FIRST FULL EPISODE NOW | Fuse

– Yo, I’m from the hood in Houston. So I don’t understand 90% of the shit white people do… – Well, we want to make sure she’s pregnant. [bleating] – Or why they do it. So I’ve decided to immerse myself in white culture… The hood ain’t gonna love me after this. Take their secrets, […]

Welding in Space

shall I put this down? yeah of course. ahhh alright we’re about to do some welding go on here on earth if you want to get two metals to fuse you have to heat them up past their melting point but in space it’s a different story as we found out the hard way on […]