Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso Shares Big 2017 Plans | Fuse

What’s my biggest dream for Marvel in 2017? Um, I think it’s to continue what we’ve been doing, which is to continue diversifying, allowing the writers who are working on our books and the characters who live in their world while also bringing back some of our classic characters and putting them back center stage […]

Power Rangers Cast Introduce Their Rangers | Fuse

The main difference between this movie and the TV series is that we’re all telling our individual stories, whereas in the TV series it’s very episodic so we actually get deep down into these characters and tell their backgrounds. For Zack, basically it’s a story about how he ends up in detention- finally. It’s better […]

Sammy Wilk Talks New Music & His Clothing Line | Fuse

I’m just tryin’ to make people happy That is very unneeded. I plan on dropping like a single every like month. This is like a rough plan that I’ve kinda been thinking about And then once they kinda understand the direction I’m going with my music Cause there’s no like right or wrong way to […]

Tegan and Sara’s Push For Representation | Fuse

One of my earliest memories in our career, we were doing a support tour opening for Neil Young. The Pretenders were also on that tour and I remember at some point during the tour sitting down with Chrissie Hynde, who had been such a hero for us growing up. My parents had loved The Pretenders, […]

Closet Tours: Ben Phillips’ Love For Isaiah Rider Jerseys | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle. I made a show about clothes. Here’s some of the coolest closets I got to see. That’s a nice coat. My good friend Ben Phillips of Lock, Sock, ‘n Barrel is a huge collector of many things. One thing that is very weird for him to collect is sports jerseys. This […]

Pre-Game: GloZell vs. Chico Bean | Trivial Takedown | Fuse

Welcome to Trivial Takedown Pre-Game. Trivial Takedown is the fastest music and pop culture quiz show on the planet! We’ve got two contestants lined up to play head-to-head. Let’s meet ’em! Hello, this is Glozell, is you okay? Is you good? Cause I want to know I’m here to cream you, that’s all I got […]

Craig David Breaks Down The Music Video For I Know You | Fuse

Listen, put all the problems to the side for a minute. Live in the moment, look at the great things you have. Last time I checked you woke up, you’re healthy, you’re alive, you’ve got your friends, your mates. Turn up. ♪ We’re all stumbling through the night ♪ We wanted there to be common […]

Jessica Cox Shops For Wedding Shoes | Right Footed | Fuse

Maybe we should… Tan, like this tan right here… Hi! Welcome to DSW how may I help you? Well we’re actually looking for wedding shows and I have a piece of the dress material with me in my purse. Get it out…right here… So this is the material of the dress and we’re hoping to […]

Tory Lanez Had The Best Crowd Surfing Experience At Voodoo 2016 | Fuse

♪ ♪ Yeah, I performed earlier tonight. It was fantastic. I love the place. I love New Orleans and this is just the biggest experience I’ve ever had out here. I got to play in the nighttime. It was fun and also it was the first time that I think the crowd surf, in this […]

Kevin Lyman Discusses Warped Tour’s Balance of Old and New | Fuse

This summer’s lineup is looking at some artists that maybe haven’t been around in a long time. Bands like GWAR. I have great, fond memories of GWAR. Plain White T’s are gonna jump in for a show this year, we just announced. You know, they started on Warped, so having them drop in at a […]