Tove Lo’s Raw Sexuality | Fuse

I think it’s both my best and my worst that I’m very impulsive. So yeah (laughs). I went to a music high school where it only grades on your talent. You have to audition to get in, but there’s no… you can’t pay to go there. That for me made me realize that this is […]

Indivisible Cast Update: Where Are They Now? | Fuse

♪ [somber piano] ♪ ♪ ♪ [crying, laughing] ♪ ♪ Hey, everyone. HILARY: Hi, Antonio.[laughs] It’s really good to be back at Make the Road New York because we filmed a lot here. Yes. [laughs] HILARY: It’s been a while![ringtone] Oh, hey! Yay, it worked. How are you doing? Let me not get my fridge […]

How Michelle Obama & Oprah Inspire The Taylor Girlz | Fuse

Michelle Obama! When I was in school, they was just telling us about how much like, cause back then, kids eating bad was really big. Obesity, that was really really big. And she really took the initiative to actually take all the junk food out of the schools. So I was just like wow, this […]

PVRIS On Recording New Music In A Haunted Church | Fuse

We’ll be at like a restaurant and she’ll hear a fork fall off a table and she’ll just like sample it and like, that sounds sick! She’s constantly writing too, so. Awww. We’re very enthusiastic and passionate about providing the visual element to the band just as much as the sounds. But it’s also kind […]

Cool Things: The Stingy Brim Rude Boy Hat | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle. I made a show about clothes. Here’s some of the cool stuff I collected along the way. Amazing. (attempting Jamaican accent) This is the stingy brim, man. It sounds too Italian. (Italian accent) My name is Roberto Massimo. This is the stingy brim. The stingy brim is the quintessential Rude Boy […]

Cool Things: Sacred Threads | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle, I made a show about clothes. Here’s some of the cool stuff I collect along the way. Amazing Sunday’s best suit is cool because you could really just dress in anything you want. As long as you look your best. This is a denim striped suit. A ticking stripe if you […]

Fluffy’s Hot Spots: Beads & Voodoo In New Orleans (Ep. 6) | Fuse

This season on Fluffy’s Food Adventures, we hit some pretty interesting places. One of them being New Orleans. That’s right, the Big Easy. Why is it easy? Eh, don’t ask, don’t tell. That’s apparently the rule (chuckles) on Bourbon Street. We’re gonna show you some really interesting spots that we didn’t have the time to […]

Recap: Season 3, Episode 2 | Fluffy’s Food Adventures | Fuse

Carry on.– No, thank you, Sergeant Slaughter.I will carry on.And I’ll continue the battle against hot dogs, burgers.I’ll even battle dudes in their underwear.– That’ll be great on social media.– Luckily for me– ha ha–that’s what this show is all about.No, not dudes in their underwear.Look, just remember, when you’re in D.C.,you better have the […]

My Style: 69 Jeans’ Anonymous Designer | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle, I made a show about clothes Fabulous Here are some of the most stylish people we met along the way [Laughing] Kyle, you should wear this