[4K] Ford Fiesta 2010: Cigar / Cigarette Lighter 12v Fuse Replacement – 1 minute fix

okay so I had a problem with a cigarette lighter on a 2010 Ford Fiesta and I just replaced the fuse and you can see now it’s working and to find the fuse for this you to open up the glove compartment and push down push in on the sides here I like the whole […]

String Lights Fuse Replacement with Close-ups

Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights for all Occasions and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to replace your string light’s fuse, using our commercial grade string lights. So when you’re changing the replacement fuse in your string lights it’s very similar to every kind of string light. I’m going to demonstrate with […]

How to Find and Replace A Blown Fuse in Your Car or Truck