Airgas Welding Donation to Ferris State University

Today was an opportunity that our program got to recognize a wonderful donation that we got from industry from Airgas company. They are donating about 50,000 dollars worth of personal protective equipment for the use by our students, basically passes right through us and right down to the students, where it really hits their bottom […]

Welding Engineering Technology Hall of Fame, Ferris State University

Over 60 years ago, welding education was launched at what was then Ferris State College. Since then, the welding industry in the United States and the rest of the world experienced a revolution – transitioning from the Manual Mechanical Age to the Automated Digital Era. That transition has only accelerated since the establishment of Ferris […]

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together assemblies […]