The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne

Demon souls begins with the old one, an eldritch great one, descending upon the earth. Once awakened it inspires a hierarchy of demons dedicated to the retrieval of every soul in exchange for great power. In the evil ending, deep below the Nexus every soul is given to the old one and a great fog […]

Iraqi Prime Minister Has Received Letter Regarding Possible Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has confirmed that he received a letter from the U.S. Military regarding a possible troop withdrawal, as Reuters reports: “The Iraqi military joint operations command has received a letter from the U.S. army concerning a possible withdrawal of its troops from the country, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said […]


the sweet fire is an extremely enlightening experiment. you need a sweet lime or an orange, a candle and a match box. first peel an orange or a sweet lime. this experiment should be performed under adult supervision or by wearing safety gloves. now these are orange peels. now light a candle and press the […]

ArKaos MediaMaster 5.2: DMX Merger Tutorial

Hello and welcome to this ArKaos tutorial. Today we are going to see how an Art-Net merger works in MediaMaster. The Art-Net merger will help you to merge the DMX information from an Art-Net controller and the pixel feed from MediaMaster to the same lighting fixture. First, we patch our MagicPanel in the light desk […]

LIGO’s latest hit: Merging neutron stars

LIGO’s hits just keep on coming. After its first detection of merging black holes, swiftly followed by finding 3 more, and then a Nobel Prize, the pair of gravitational wave detectors has made yet another huge discovery. The observatory detected gravitational waves from 2 neutron stars spiralling together and merging. Just 2 seconds later a […]

Metal Music Midwest reviews Grimm Distribution

alright hello guys let’s talk about some reviews here I have just gotten several reviews and they were provided to me by grimm distribution satanath morbid skull records alright so let’s talk about it let’s see what the number one is number one is bastardos from Argentina ok number two is nadir from Hungary number […]

Safety 4EL. Using P.P.E on a work site. VR 360, 50Mps

You must always have permission before entering any worksite Would soft shoes or trainers be suitable for this environment? Locker room Safety boots. Steel reinforced, approved safety boots Hi visibility vest with reflective strip Is it now suitable for you to enter the restricted area? STOP, LOOK and THINK. What additional personal protective equipment should […]

Guam Welders

Deep in the belly of USS Bonhomme Richard, welders from USS Frank Cable and USS Emory S. Land were hard at work, helping the BHR crew fix vital systems in the engine room. You’ve got a huge ship and you’ve only got a few people who do what we are here to do. It’s easy […]