Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma – Emotional (Virtual Riot Remix) (Lyrics) [CC]

You are no good for me no more We don’t know how to love without a war We’re disease without a cure You wanna hurt just a little hurt just a little more We are casually cruel You were my training wheels and april fools But our tolerance is full Don’t wanne hurt anybody hurt […]

Décryptez la nouvelle économie à l’aide des 3 flux non-marchands ! | Duc Ha Duong | TEDxCannes

Translator: Elisabeth Buffard Reviewer: Ms Buffard’s students What’s going on? How do they do it? Giants, appearing to come from the Internet, disarm with ease the traditional leaders of all the industries, one by one. Where do they get such power from? Most importantly, can I, as a citizen, make it mine and use it […]

002 FLAME – Rob Bell – NOOMA

Right in the middle of the Bible, there’s this collection of Hebrew love poems that are so explicit and erotic that young Jewish boys weren’t even allowed to read them until they were older. Now, Song of Songs gives us a series of pictures of the relationship between a man and a woman. The joy, […]


If you’re looking for a festive starter, then this molten camembert sticks will be just right for you This is a festive starter, we’re going to make some oozing melted cheese sticks from our camembert, and then serve them with some oranges which we’re going to turn into a sort of spicy relish. So to […]

Power from above: the Joint Terminal Attack Controller

With a single radio call, these men and women are able to bring devastating amounts of firepower to the battlefield. They’re Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, or JTACs, and they’ve come from around the world to train here in Corsica as part of Serpentex 2017. The JTAC is actually more than a link between the Army […]

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Victory Song

The warrior’s heart was seriously injured You were there to heal it Carrying in your back across the battlefield Haven of the heart, a book of remembrance. Believe that you will reunited With your friends one day Keep in your hearts The days of our battles. Sing a Victory Song And we’ll mark it forever […]

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