I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Scuba Diving Challenge)

(dramatic orchestral music) (kn/ocking) – [Thomas] Yeah? – [Thomas] Just a minute. – [Thomas] Yeah, just a minute. (comical music) Come on then, let’s go. – What? – What’s wrong? – Gimme a minute, eh? (comical music) – Come on then, let’s go. – Okay, so it’s the first thing in the morning. The sun […]

Underwater World – A Story To Tell

You know when sometimes you visit the same place every single year ,this place starts to look so familiar that feels like home. So that’s how i feel about this place .The bay ,the people, the sea and many other small details that make this beach my favorite , my home. I started fishing here […]

Snorkeling a Hidden Waterfall – I Found $203 Oakleys Underwater! (Crystal Clear Water!!!)

What’s up guys. Here we are at a brand new location check this out. This is my uncle Steve. It’s my cousin Blake. People here like this all the time pretty much right. Steve: Right in the summer. Yeah. Dallas: I mean it’s a constant flow of people so the chances of there being stuff […]

After a dive with iBubble – Phil Simha Interview

today I’ve had a chance to that we like bubble like many of you I’ve been following the project for a couple years befriended the eye bubble team a group of fantastic people with a totally cool idea but sometimes between the idea and the reality that can be a quite serious gap so they […]