Ice Melt @ BOTH Poles Wreaks Havoc: Robert L. Hunziker

welcome back to work here robert altman secure is an environmental journalist based in los angeles he joined one of our affiliate program to discuss climate change we invited him back this week after the janu walkins interview to further discuss the subject important to him and to all of us power to endangered holes […]

Ed And Kelly Discuss Their Old Flame | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE ORVILLE

– [BEEPING] Your mother hates me. She does not hate you. Oh, yes, she does. She does not. She– she hated you a little bit after the– the thing. [BEEPING] You can tell me, you know. I mean, we never talked about it. What’d she said about me? It was nothing too terrible. You tell […]

Before Merger News, Comcast Donated to All Involved Congressmen

we’ve talked about the Comcast Time Warner proposed merger we told you about how Comcast claims that everybody involved including their customers are really really excited I would love to talk to even one customer who’s excited about Comcast and Time Warner to have the least liked companies when it comes to customer service are […]

Winston Combines Stevie Wonder & James Blunt To Make His Alias | Season 6 Ep. 8 | NEW GIRL

– Principal? That’s great. We’re really proud of you. And now you’re almost going to make what normal people make. But I’m not even in it for the cabbage. I want to change lives. And finally I can implement some of my programs school wide, like the math decathlon, the Demathlon. Ah-ha! You see, this […]

Dr. Michael Brown Says Anti-Gay Fight Must Continue, Implies Host is Gay

joining me is doctor michael brown he’s the host of the nationally-syndicated daily talk program the line of also author of acc we are thing happened to america and twenty other books also director of the coalition of conscience uh… michael you had this interesting article and townhall dot com called is it time to […]

DEBATE: Gay Rights Activist Called Dangerous by Anti-Gay Guy

okay joining me today are winning best an executive director of truth wins out of truth wins out dot oregon also a doctor michael brown host of the nationally-syndicated daily talk program the line of fire and author of a quitter thing happen to america as well as twenty other books now i want a […]

Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity

there it is gained fourth-grade christian science book that was brought to my attention today and i thought i would share with you guys if i was that a fascinating and out of this adtech spoke with actually created for homeschool curriculum ok so i’ve been some christian parents would our home school their children […]

Trump challenger Bill Weld supports Dems’ impeachment inquiry

GMBN Vs. The Valparaíso Cerro Abajo | Blake Goes Urban DH Racing

– Urban Downhill Racing is quickly becoming one of the biggest parts of our sport. It’s downhill racing but in a city center where rocks and trees are replaced with curves and lamp posts. (soft background electronic beats) So, I wanted to check it out and compete in one of the biggest most prestigious tracks […]