HDPE Buttweld process

The stub and pipe is aligned. This is a crucial step when building manifolds. The faces are scimmed square to ensure a uniform bead. The scimmed pipe is pressed together to recheck alignment. Adjustments are made to align before heating. Cleaner is used to clean debris and oil of scimmed surface. The surface is pressed […]

Episode 18: Data Merge to Uniquely Named INTERACTIVE PDFs

G’day, welcome back to Colecandoo. In today’s episode, we’ll have a look at ways to Data Merge to uniquely named interactive PDFs. I’ll show a few methods, but the first method uses the Data Merge to Single Records script that I released in 2015. I’ve shown this script on this channel before, so let’s look […]

Nitinol, Memory Metal, Formgedächnislegierung, Büroklammer

Hello guys, there I am again, each one of you knows a paperclip and what happens to her when you bend and break them apart? Well, she’s broken. Not so this paper clip, it is made of Nitinol that is a nickel titanium alloy that is also called shape memory alloy. You ask yourself, of […]

3D Printing 101: How to Vacuum Form Using 3D Printed Molds

Hi my name is Sean with MakerBot learning. Vacuum Forming is a really powerful form of manufacturing, and tons of things in your home like plastic containers, or packaging are made using Vacuum Forming. So in this video, we’re going to cover some of the basics on how you can 3D print molds for Vacuum […]

Learn How to Use An English Wheel – Lots of Tech Tips From Eastwood

hi Mike Phillips hot rods and customs and Don Pennsylvania today we’re going to show you some tips and tricks on how to use the English wheel few ways you might not have thought of before right down to make it complicated shapes like this large reverse curve let’s get started there’s three different ways […]