It’s Like a Purse That Melts Iron

[Captions by Y Translator] Today, we’re going to be taking a look at a very old-fashioned way to heat up a fire, hot enough that it can melt metal. [Music] I’m here again with my friend Joseph, and we’ve got some leather and some other supplies, and Joseph is going to teach us how to […]

Forged in Fire: Forging Two Different Metals (Season 5, Episode 7) | History

Make a Pattern Welded Knife from Scrap Metal Can & box Cutter Blades

scrap cans Sandpaper # 60 Box Cutter Blades Acetone Surface cleaning Cutter Blade + scrap can + Cutter Blade + scrap can + …… Center, STC3 (tool steel) 79 layer welding Borax (flux) About 2,552 ° F (1400 ° C) or more Borax (flux) Annealing Korean cabbage harvest Sanding # 40 Sandpaper # 100 Dies […]


intro Hello everyone in this video you will learn about such a metal as palladium and also about why it has disappointed me so much in periodic table of chemical elements palladium belongs to group 10 and is one of the platinum group precious metals since palladium is quite low reactive this metal naturally occurs […]

Rhodium – The Most INVISIBLE Metal on Earth!

Hello everyone, in this video I’m going to tell you about such rare metal as a rhodium. Which we quite often don’t notice that even when is hidden before your eyes. In this periodic table, rhodium can be found in the group 9 between cobalt and iridium Moreover, this element is a member of platinum’s […]

From Steel to Sword–Here’s How Blacksmiths Mold Metal

[Laughs] This is Arnon. It’s all authentic, man. You know I worked for three hours to get that dirt on just right. He’s a blacksmith who loves chemistry. Arnon founded Bridgetown Forge in Portland, Oregon in the early 2000s, and that’s where the Reactions team met up with him. We were lucky enough to get […]


This craft is so dear to my heart.. Even if you gave me a hundred thousand to work somewhere else, I wouldn’t go …the little money that I earn here is more than enough for me to stay I only want to do this craft It has started with Âblla (Abdellah), my great-grandfather followed by […]

Practical Blacksmithing like the 1880s | Heavy Forge Welding | Engels Coach

On the back axle, the reach hounds stabilize the reach And on the top of the back end of both of these reaches is an iron that has a saddle that is forged in to it. And axle sets down in this saddle, and this is what helps keep the axle stabilized on top of […]