Bioelectricity, Morphology, & Electroceuticals | Electricity of Life

Welcome to the Electricity of Life, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at Here is some footage of a tadpole embryo from Tufts University’s Levin Lab for regenerative medicine. Electrical gradients have been made visible and we can see that they precede the development features of the tadpole’s face and body. The relevance […]

Making Bearing Sleeves from Stainless Steel – – Finished Product video

SETUP MATERIAL – Enough to make 3 parts ROUGHING ID – Drill center hole undersize FINISHING ID – Ream center hole to final size ROUGHING OD – Turn outside oversize FINISHING OD – Turn outside to final size PARTING OFF – Cut to length COMPLETED – Finished part ready for use This is the inside […]

Motorcycle. Welding. DIY, Nuts and bolts

another bolt and nut project I thought i make a motorcycle and I saw one of the motors made from like these washers they were made like V motor so I thought I’d try that, like this. this is the one cylinder we just grind these and there’s the another. and attach these like that […]

DIY CNC From scratch | Homemade CNC Router | CNC PLASMA | CNC Welding machine

we made every thing in our workshop except motor & controller,we will show u step by step how we have done building an electronic circuit for the CNC machine Nema 23 stepper motor with CNC USB breakout board power supply is 16 amp 36 VDC stepper motor input power 30 VDC color coding: red +ve […]

How to MIG Weld a Grinder Stand

– Hi, I’m Joel Ort with Hobart Welding Products. Today we have a project for you that is more of a need than a project. What I mean by that is I’m going to be building a grinder stand. And the reason for that is I’ve always had my grinder sitting on my workbench, so […]

Free energy and electricity making by magnet and coil 2019 | The Sujan’s ThirdEye

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H & H Welding – About Metfab Press Brake and Shear

We are H &H Welding. We’re located in Langley, BC, Canada. We’re just a small business, we are doing a lot of structural work for BC Hydro and we’re happy to meet up with Metfab Our main type of work we do here pole line hardware and distribution for for Hydro and in transmission with […]

Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven | Pizza Oven Overview | BBQGuys

Hi , I’m Randy with Barbecue Guys. Today we’re checking out the Lynx Professional Napoli Outdoor Oven. This is a gas powered infrared oven, giving you a quick preheat & high temp range, perfect for cooking crispy pizza. Lynx designed these infrared burners to be variable temperature, allowing you to dial down the heat to […]

MXC Token Accesses Korean National Electricity Grid

We’ve got the most exciting news for you today. MXC is working with Withsystem on the Korean national electricity grid. This is a big news for citizens and businesses in South Korea and also for MXC supporters worldwide. Through this, we are continuing our strategy into the South Korea market. Yeah, as you all know […]