London’s Most Exciting Restaurant is a Metal Blasting, Meat Haven — The Meat Show

(rock music) – [Nick] Heavy metal at maximum decibels and phallic imagery are not what you expect to welcome you at one of London’s most important restaurants. Yet that’s exactly what you’re gonna get at Black Axe Mangal. Literally every chef I spoke to in this city told me I had to try this place. […]

Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Mike Chen! Today let’s talk about something that most Asians use every single day: chopsticks. Now, chopsticks are super useful. You can use it to eat, obviously, or you can also use it to keep your hair up, you can cook with it, and they’re super convenient because you can […]

6 Chemical Reactions That Changed History

[MUSIC] Physics might show us the universe’s basic building blocks, and biology lets the universe understand itself, but chemistry is where all the fun happens in between. We have thousands of chemical reactions going on inside us every second, but it’s the ones we’ve mastered with our hands, in labs and workshops and factories and […]

How to turn leftovers into electricity | ReInventors

– Well, I think if I got one of these for my house, I could cancel my gym membership. So this is the inside of a horse? This is not what I expected a horse to look like. – Horse is actually an acronym. – What does it stand for? – It stands for high-solids […]

Heating food with electricity only

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to reheat food in minutes by using electricity. To do so, we will only need a fork and an old electric wire. Let’s begin with some noodles! We will wrap the wires around the fork and spoon. Now, we will put both into the bowl in such a way, […]

Use This Fruit to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink | Rachael Ray Show

The Best Hawker Food in the World, Penang, Malaysia

Can Bacteria Live Off Electricity?

Let’s play a fun game of “Real or Dr. Who alien.” Creatures that eat electricity? Yeah, those are totally real. Hi everyone, Julian here for DNews. Some people live to eat. I eat to live. Seriously, the idea that I have to feed this stupid body every day until I die sounds exhausting. I wish […]

“Getting to Work” with Northland CAPS at LMV

– LMV specializes in underbody spot welded assemblies. We couldn’t get certain skilled labor within Kansas City. We partnered with Northland CAPS. – Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies, you go to school for half the day and then you come here and you work with actual business partners. And then the second semester of […]

Professional Collection Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Cuisinart® takes your stovetop cooking to a new level with the Professional Collection Premium Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. Cook foods up to 70% faster than conventional methods. Place ingredients into the pot, seal the lid and let the pressure do all the work. The tight lid’s seal retains food’s natural nutrients more than other cooking […]