Origami spiral box by Tomoko Fuse

Start white side up fold the paper in half like this unfold fold the angle bisector and crease fold the other bisector and crease fold the tip and crease firmly unfold crease turn around and fold in half fold the the line as shown and crease fold this line to the other line as shown […]

How to Fold Napkins : How to Make a Flame Fold in a Napkin

Hi I’m Rachel Dayan for Expert Village we’re going to start with a flame fold and put it inside a glass wine glass we use a cloth napkin because it’s bigger and we need a bigger napkin for this kind of fold. We’re going to start with the top and fold it towards you one […]

Basic Origami Forms : How to Fold Origami Fuse Box

In this clip, I will show you how to make a box that is designed by Tomoko Fuse. This is a nice little box, because it’s pretty secure. Ok. You would require four sheets of paper and it’s a rather simple model. And, it can be found in the ‘Encyclopedia of Origami’ by Nick Robinson. […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! – Is it STILL fragile?!

The Galaxy Fold – an ambitious new take on what smartphones can do and what smartphones can look like. Today we’re going to see what the Galaxy Fold is made of – both physically and metaphorically. This is a brand new sealed retail Korean version of the Galaxy Fold: version 2, since version 1 never […]

How to Tie a Bandana

How to Tie a Bandana. Wearing a bandana has many benefits, including protecting your head from the sun and keeping it dry. Keep your cool and learn to tie a bandana. You will need Bandana Flat surface and head. Step 1. Spread out your bandana on a flat surface. Step 2. Fold one corner of […]