Flux:: Dynamic Processor Plugins – Modes explained

Hi, I’m Vincent from Flux:: Today, I’ll detail the ‘modes’ section and Peak detection amount parameters in Pure Series dynamic processors, Solera and Alchemist as well. The combination of those two parameters makes the tools truly versatile, like several products in one. The mode section offers 8 modes: 3 Classic modes: fast, medium and slow. […]

Ваша личная радуга :) Обзор Steelseries Flux!

Klaus van Stegen – Feel Flux PRO MODEL 2019

I guess it’s my Pro Mod… My name is Klaus Van Stegen, I’m from Rassfeld, it’s a small village near the border of the Netherlands and now I’m living with my wife, Svenja and my little dog Louie in Hamburg. I’m a professional watchmaker and that’s how I get my money for the month, for […]