Flux-Cored Welding at Home With the Hobart Handler 100

– Spark your imagination with the Handler 100 wire feed welder. Weighs only 44 pounds, no shielding gas needed. The Handler 100 uses flex cord wire only. Simple, two knob design. Uses 115 volt input power. 100 amps of power. Spark your imagination.

Flux-Cored Welding Tips and Techniques

In certain situations such as welding outdoors, you may find that conditions prevent you from using an external shielding gas. When this occurs it may be necessary to use the flux core arc welding process with self-shielding wires. There are two main types of flux core wire. Flux core wires that do not require external […]

Buy A Welder, Fix The Gate, Learn Stuff.

– Have you ever had one of those projects where you’re not quite sure if you can fix it or not? You and me together. This is our world. This gate has been not working for a couple years and I finally decided, see you gotta shove it, I’m gonna try and fix this. Are […]

Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Setup: Flux-Cored Arc Welding

This is how to set up the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess for welding steel using an ArcReach 12 SuitCase feeder, 1/16 inch Hobart XLR-8 wire, and a Bernard Dura-Flux gun. First, install the appropriate drive rolls and contact tip. With all connections complete, select the V-Sense mode on the front of the Dynasty. When using […]

Campbell Hausfeld wire feed, Gas or Flux core mig welder,115 volt welder

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Watch My First Flux Core Welding Project Success | GardenFork

– Hey, it’s Eric. Full disclosure, I’m a beginning welder using an inexpensive Flux core welding system here. My point of this video is to inspire you to go out and try something like welding, and also inspire you to go out and help your neighbors Cause in the neighborhood here, this tree pit guard […]