Improving Flow Battery Electrodes HD 720p

Hi, I’m Alex Oliveira. I’m a junior chemical engineering major at University of Connecticut, and this summer I’m working on redox flow batteries with the Brushett lab group. So redox flow batteries are a very promising technology for large-scale energy storage, and, in particular, the work that Alex is doing with us over this summer […]

Numerical Solutions to Thermal Field and Fluid Flow in Welding – Part 2

Welcome to the part-2 of the lesson on numerical solutions to the thermal field and fluid flow in welding. We are choosing the control volume approach for the discussion on this numerical solutions, because it is the same method we have used to derive the governing equations. And the overview of the process that is […]

Electricity and Magnetism – Electric Circuits

There are different types of circuits. The current in a series circuit can only flow in one path, and it must flow through all the circuit components. In this series circuit, the current flows through each of the bulbs in a sequence. Because all the loads in the circuit share the same current, the bulbs […]

1. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Electric Current | by Ashish Arora

dear students lets start with the topic of electric current. and, in your early classes you might have studied about the basic definition of current in which, we write that. rate of flow of charge. through. any cross section. of a conductor. in which current is flowing obviously we are talking about. is called. electric […]

What is a Hydraulic Jump?

Controlling the flow of water is one of the fundamental objectives of modern infrastructure, from flooding rivers to irrigation canals, stormwater drainage facilities to aqueducts, and even the spillways of dams. So, engineers need to be able to predict how water will behave in order to design structures that manage or control it. And fluids […]

Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY from Eastwood

Today we’re gonna talk about something that may be magic to some others might just be the normal course of building a motor but it’s porting a cylinder head you’ve already upgraded exhaust carburetor maybe even a cam now what you want to do is get the most efficiency you can out of better flowing […]

TIG Effects of Gas Flow Settings Urdu Hindi Technical Secrets

Asalam o Alikum My name is kashif Raza and you are watching technical secrets channel. i hope that all friends ll be fine there and watching our videos which we upload on daily and weekly basis. i welcome new subscribers on my channel and i am very thankful to my old friends you support me […]

Numerical Solutions to Thermal Field and Fluid Flow in Welding – Part 1

Welcome to the first part of the lesson on Numerical solutions to thermal field and fluid flow in welding. This lesson is part of the NPTEL MOOC on Analysis and Modelling of welding. My name is Gandham Phanikumar, I am from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras. The scope of this lesson […]