3D Interoperability with ‘Send To’ – PART 2 – Flame 2020.3

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 of this series… You learnt the fundamental basics… of how to instantly exchange 3D data… between the Flame 2020.3 Update… Maya 2020 and Mudbox 2020. This was using the new “SEND TO” workflow… And the last part of the video… Went through a basic […]

THE FLAME (Official Music Video)

Harness all you’ve got, tell me Boy I think it’s time we slay their guesses I’ve wrapped you in my justice as you walked in Believe in or not, just take it in strides It’s burning , burning Taking those limos of silence I’m sliding the aisles of your lines I’m wearing this new skin […]

Tyeon – New Flame (Official Music Video)

No Matter What They Say Your my New Flame Your My New Flame I don’t care what they say your my New Flame Your my New Flame Your My New Flame Time flies by when your having fun I want you to be my only one Cuz They Can’t Stand The Fact That I have […]

Open Clip – Part 2 – Import as Open Clip – Flame 2018.2 Update

Hey everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 of this video series… We introduced the Open Clip Workflow… for external versioning management within the Flame Products. This included a brief discussion about the Open Clip XML files… Which form the basis of the Open Clip Workflow. Being able to easily create the […]

Snow Peak Mini Flame Camping Laterne/Kerze – Testbericht Gear Review

Hey Guys today i want to show you my new gadget that i always take with me now. Here i have the Mini Flame Lantern from Snow Peak and what this small gadget do i will show you in the video now. So have fun. The Mini flame from Snow Peak is delivered in a […]

*Twin Flames* You are on their mind & they are gearing up to take steps toward you!

Hey everybody its dr. Me welcome back to my channel I’m gonna do a reading I haven’t done for a while on my channel It’s called the do I ever cross your mind reading? And I I have a sense that there’s a lot of people who have been feeling or have been suspecting They […]

Animating with Expressions – P2 – Channel Hierarchy, Evaluation & Selection Order – Flame 2019.2

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 on expression animation in Flame… We looked at animation channel relationships… As well as linking them through an expression. We also started covering basic expression syntax… Which included basic mathematics… such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In part two, you’ll start expanding expressions […]

3D Sculpture Gel Flame Nail Design – A Song of Ice and Fire – Step by Step Tutorial – Naio Nails

Hi everybody. It’s Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to continue the fire design that I’m doing, We’re gonna do a 3D, using the awesome 3D sculpting gel. So, for this nail, we are going to do 3D flames because it’s all about the fire. Fire! I love doing a […]