Fire Sword Colored Flame How to Make DIY Ax Spinning Cosplay Flail Weapons Warrior Assassin Do I

In this video I will go over how I made a flaming sword or fire sword with different color flames. This is very cinematic but also very dangerous and should be only done by a professional adult. Do not try this at home. We will also cover a fire battle ax and a flaming flail. […]

Can Scrap Hardware Make an Effective Zombie Weapon?

(groaning) (tense music) (pained groan) Brains. (screaming) Sir, you dropped your wallet. (upbeat piano tune) Brains. As adult humans, we often have to think about the future, like our diet and retirement. But have you stopped to think about the possible impending zombie apocalypse? Cause we have. (laughing) So we are gonna make some weapons […]

Medieval one handed Flail

all right well I just bought one of the new auto darkening helmets 60 bucks tractor supplies was on sale yeah most y’all guessed right this is gonna be a mace Super Goku one made one and I asked him if he would mind if I copied it with just a minor twist and he […]