FRP Butt-Joint Kit Lamination Tutorial【FRPpiping】 *Please turn on CC subtitle in setup*

Check spec sheet to confirm the contains of joint kit. Measure the polish width according to spec sheet. Grind both pipe ends. Grind curve(about 30°~ 40°) at the connecting edge of both pipe ends. Brush off the dust. Apply small amount of resin (with about 3% hardener) to glue both pipe ends. Check label to […]

Earl’s Stainless Steel Adapters

When it comes to automotive plumbing, Earl’s is your one-stop shop. Earl’s most popular MPT and AN adaptor fittings are now available in stainless steel. Previously, these adaptor fittings were only available in aluminum or steel. These stainless steel adaptor fittings are ideal for use in marine applications, on show cars, or any application where […]

Ep5 Wash Basin Install – Hot and Cold Pipe Install – Plumbing Tips

Hello and welcome to this video. This is in a series of videos all about how to install a basin from start to finish. So far you’ve got the basin actually hung on the wall. Now we’re gonna have a look at the services underneath and how to connect them up, and get the […]

Commercial Irrigation Mainline Pipe, Fittings & Restraints

Mainline pipe, fittings, and joint restraints can be a source of confusion on large commercial irrigation projects. In an effort to eliminate that confusion, this video will cover the different types of pipe, fittings, and joint restraints typically used. Pipes smaller than 3 inch diameter will typically be PVC pipe using solvent weld PVC fittings. […]