NFL Hopefuls Including Ryan Mathews Practice Using Cones for NFL Combine

Travelle Gaines: The SKLZ agility cones work with us a lot because they’re color-coordinated, so we can have players run through a set of the yellow cones, or run through a set of the black cones, or run through a set of the orange cones. On top of that they’re very, very easy to store. […]

Melt Your Cheese- An Introduction

India is ranked 3rd on obesity with close to 4 Crore people being affected by this disease. When it comes to child obesity, India is ranked number two with 1.5 Crore children affected. The country is in a major crisis. In today’s world, obesity is a big problem and because of that, health issues are […]

Japanese paper art helps engineers measure complex joint movement

(upbeat background music) SHTEIN>>In my job, which is for the most part of a desk job, I would get certain kinds of injuries, you know, overuse injuries from using the mouse too much. Or in sports, for cycling, for example, I crashed a couple of times. Broke my collarbone. Really painful recovery process. NARRATOR>>With their […]

SI Joint Pain Top 3 Exercises

AJ here, with Stronglife Physiotherapy I want to show you my top 3 beginning exercises for SI joint pain The idea with these exercises is to activate the muscles around the SI joints in the hip, in the pelvis to help stabilize the area and reduce strain on the SI joints the key with these […]

Gymnastics with Terry Crews | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 9 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Quick & Easy Open Face Tuna Melt | Healthy Recipes

Kris Gethin here with I’m putting together a very fast, quick and easy meal, or snack. It’s a tuna open sandwich melt that I like to do if, you know, I haven’t got much time. So I just put some fat free Pam on there. I’m gonna throw on the piece of bread because […]

Recreational Rodeo with Leslie Jones | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 5 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Oh, snookie dookie. “Snookie dookie” is a new word that I’ve been using a lot lately. The word I use when I get excited. And today, I am excited. I’m excited because I’m picking up Leslie jones. ( laughter ) – What up, lady? – What’s up, man? – Let me put my seatbelt on […]

BLESSURES – Prévention, guérison, explications

English subtitles soon !

AC Joint Pain Exercises for Shoulder Rehab

if you’ve got AC joint pain you’ve got to be doing these three exercises immediately to finally get your shoulder healthy yo what’s up it’s Coach E here from precision movement and today we are going to go through three exercises to help you fix up your AC joint pain okay so AC joint is […]

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