Explore Smithsonian: How do Scientists use Electricity to Study Fish Populations?

in this episode we ask the question how do scientists use electricity to study fish populations? hey Josh Bernstein here on the patuxent river in eastern maryland I’ve come here to learn about this guy the blue catfish blue catfish are native to the Mississippi Missouri and Ohio River Basins they can grow to more […]

2MT: Mustad 7.5″ Stainless Steel Pliers

This is Butch Newell with 2 Minute Tackle and today I want to talk to you about the Mustad Stainless Steel Pliers with rubber handle now these are a high quality stainless steel it has a rainbow titanium finish as you can see in the lights they’re really stands out and that’s the help prevent […]

Leaving Delos – feels GOOD but SCARY! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

FWC Lionfish: From Harvest to the Table – Full Version

It feels like you crash-land on another planet. There’s this massive thriving ecosystem down there that is full of color and activity and beauty. You’re out there on a tiny little oasis of just life and you get to kind of have it to yourself. Everybody wanted a lionfish in their aquarium because they are […]

Underwater World – A Story To Tell

You know when sometimes you visit the same place every single year ,this place starts to look so familiar that feels like home. So that’s how i feel about this place .The bay ,the people, the sea and many other small details that make this beach my favorite , my home. I started fishing here […]

Snorkeling a Hidden Waterfall – I Found $203 Oakleys Underwater! (Crystal Clear Water!!!)

What’s up guys. Here we are at a brand new location check this out. This is my uncle Steve. It’s my cousin Blake. People here like this all the time pretty much right. Steve: Right in the summer. Yeah. Dallas: I mean it’s a constant flow of people so the chances of there being stuff […]

Come along and feed the pigs

I’m good morning everybody today is Saturday August the 25th we’ve been having this is going the second day now we’ve been having off and on flash downpours of rain and it’s forecasted for the next three days of rain and it seems to come in spurts it’ll downpour heavy duty of river going down […]

Hunting, fishing, welding, and health care

I’m in the shop a lot, do welding, plasma cutting, just got into old blacksmithing techniques. I’ve always been able to afford health insurance, they just wouldn’t cover me, because I’m you know diagnosed diabetic. But now just to sign up, nobody even asked me about the preexisting or anything and it just ‘oh you’re […]

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

[Music] the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world underwater welder underwater welders face a series of dangers on the job every day including the risk of shock explosion decompression sickness and even wear on their dental fillings about 30 welders die out of 200 welders on the job annually crab fishermen 128 Alaskan crab […]

Fishing for a new job? Discover the different skills and roles behind Moana NZ team

Brook: Hello, hello. So I’ve arrived at fisheries company, Moana New Zealand, and this place is huge! And look, all I have to do is sign into this flash computer, and someone comes out to meet me. Let’s check this place out. Alyx: Kia ora, ko Alyx taku ingoa, no Ngāti Whātua ahau, and I’m […]