Extra violent resistor roulette. The OMG big-fuse remix.

okay, it’s time to dip the lights and scream hysterically again because this time it’s the really loud remix of Resistor Roulette and the primary differences here are that I have gone from using 4700 ohm resistors to 5600 ones not much of an increase, it will lower the current it will make them smoke […]

Homemade Black Powder Fuses (Ancient Chinese Style)

What’s up guys? I’m hanging out in Texas today with this guy. You know him hey guys It’s me Brian Brushwood from the modern rogue today. We’re hanging out. We’re working on making black-Powder fuses. What do you suppose? We’re making fuses. It’s almost as though We’re going to detonate Something neither of us have […]

Matchbook Fuse Igniter

Whats up guys! We are back and today we’re gonna try and experiment making a pull tab, pyrotechnic. Now I found an US army handbook on Amazon and as I started flipping through it I found a cool tutorial on how to make a fuse igniter from a book of matches. The idea being that […]

How to make pyrotechnic fuse. 2 fast and simple methods.

hello you are watching a ninja chemists Channel let’s just imagine the situation when you need to test a little pyrotechnic device, and you don’t have a fuse to test. It in this case you need to make a fuse by yourself. So today I show you how to make a fuse in two different […]

Lag Din Egen Luntegranat – Make A Fuse Grenade With Pull Ring Fuse

[Intro] Hello, FyrverkeriElskeren here, and today I’m going to show you how to make the fuse grenade- -that I have a video of on my channel. Since so many have wondered how to make it, I’ll show you. Let’s start with what you’ll need: You’ll need some fuse. Of course, that’s the main ingredient of […]

Fuse Connex

test so today we will be testing out these Fuse Connex here they are right here. I actually picked these up from Spirit of ’76 Fireworks They are also on Pyrodirect.com these one’s right here are 10 for $5, so they are .50 a piece, which is really kinda pricey but I still wanted to […]


Alright iphone is on fire. OH, DUSTIN 1000 degree metal ball VS 10 thousand sparklers SOUUUWEEE What everybody its Just Dustin. I’m back with another video. I got Bongizzlez on the camera. here I got Ryan Swaze here. why is. Swazey baby. Jads here. SOOUUWEE. And we got wolfie in the corner I got 5 […]

5 Crazy Science Stunts You Can’t Try At School

Grab your safety gear and sign the waiver, because we’re exploring 5 insane science stunts you won’t be learning at school. Normally we don’t think of metals as being very dangerous. We use them all the time, but sodium metal is one that’s extremely reactive. The second it touches water, it starts ripping the water […]

EXPERIMENT Arc Welding vs Sparklers

This is sparklers. I have an thin and thick sparklers As you can see, they are very similar to welding electrodes So why not insert the sparkler into the holder and not burn it? Take first the thinner one It’s caught fire! You can use them like a normal electrode! OOPS! It ignited the other […]