NASA | Scientists Link Earlier Melting Of Snow To Dark Aerosols

It’s not easy to see aerosols in Earth’s atmosphere, but they’re there. And NASA scientists say these tiny particles are having a profound effect on snowpack and spring climate in the Northern Hemisphere. At any moment, millions of tons of aerosols lifted by winds and generated by wildfires and the burning of fossil fuels are […]

In the dark: Electricity a ‘luxury’ in poor Madagascar | AFP

Claudine and her family have been living in this makeshift tent for almost six months. Their home was one of 20 houses that burned down in this neighbourhood of Madagascar’s capital. The fire was caused by an electrical short-circuit. “The short-circuit started on that house over there, as the house is made of dry wood […]

Donning Firefighter Turnout Gear : Donning SCBA Face Piece, Fire Helmet & Gloves

So what we’re going to demonstrate is the proper dawning of the SCBA face piece; helmet and gloves as the final part of the firefighting ensemble for going into a structural firefighting situation. The mask is placed on the head chin first; jaw straps are tightened; temple straps are tightened, the hood is pulled up […]

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher. Accidents happen. Be prepared to fight your own fire by learning how to use a fire extinguisher. You will need Courage Calm and fire extinguisher. Step 1. Know how fire extinguishers are classified. Class A extinguishers are for common combustibles like paper or wood; Class B are for flammable […]