How to Repair & Seal Expansion Joints in Concrete

Repairing and Sealing Horizontal and Vertical Expansion Joints. Concrete Expansion Joints are cuts in concrete slabs that go completely through the slab to the base material. Expansion joints can also be the joints between walls and concrete slabs. The purpose of an expansion joint is to allow the concrete slab to expand and contract with […]

Introducing Image TimelineFX – Part 1 – Flame 2019

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In this set of videos… you’ll be learning about a new finishing toolset… known as the Image TimelineFX. This module has been incorporated into the new EFFECTS environment… giving you integrated grading and look development… Alongside other VFX tools directly in your timeline. This includes primary as […]

How to Finish Making Multiple Certificates FAST with Mail Merge

Have you ever been tired of making a certificate? Just like making a “certificate” on a student, then another page for another student, then “copy-paste” the entire layout and change the names, or any variables. Then suddenly there were changes and you’ll have to change everything from top to bottom. I’m so tireeeeeed.. Oh no. […]

HD Metal

[Sound Effects & Music] HD Metal, an all-purpose metal polish. HD Metal is safe for chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal surfaces. Simply work HD Metal into the surface and buff to a clean high gloss. Contains no ammonia or harsh chemicals, and cleanup is a breeze. This versatile cleaner polish can restore even […]

Weld Removal and Finishing with the Norton Mini Angle Grinder

Today, i’m going to use the Norton Mini Grinder to remove a weld and impart a bright finish on stainless steel in just 3 steps. The Norton Mini Angle Grinder is small and compact but powerful enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently The Norton Mini Angle Grinder is an essential part of […]

Cast a Mini Aluminum Skillet – Start to Finish

In this video. I’ll show how I cast this mini aluminum skillet using basic materials and skills Welcome to another episode of the Plutonium Bunny The first ingredient is greensand. I store it in these handy cat litter buckets. It is made of cat litter and sand Making the mold is really the most difficult […]

Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

you want to know how you can fix your tired paint job for 50 bucks stick around I’m gonna show you on this Tacoma right here and today we deal with some oxidize piant Toyota Tacoma and so what we are gonna do is look at the truck. The owner of this truck is trying […]

Welding and Grinding Metal – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Detail Work: Filling and Grinding, Kevin Caron, [using grinder] The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Well, this is Bobby Pin. Now I’m working on the finish work. So, I’m just coming back and hitting all the little boo-boos, any of the little holes in my weld, any […]