How Do I Change My Extractor Hood Stainless Steel Filters – Cleaning & Care

How do I change my extractor hood stainless steel filters? Extractor hoods have metal filters which will eventually become blocked with grease through normal usage they can be easily unclipped and removed as shown When removing carefully support them from below to avoid them falling into the hob underneath. The filters can be cleaned in […]

Bekipor® stainless steel medium for HEPA and ULPA filtration

HEPA filters are one of the most widely known methods of cleaning air Many industries, including nuclear, aerospace, medical and semi-conductor industries rely on HEPA filters to avoid contamination of the atmosphere or process gases These sophisticated filters are capable of filtering the most penetrating particles Over the years, global standards for HEPA filters have […]

How to Change the Filters on Your BreatheAir System

(upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] Changing filters on your BreatheAir Portable Box or Panel is fast and easy. Before beginning, be sure you have the required filters for replacement. Single filters or a kit with all three filters can be purchased through your local distributor. Before getting started, note these tips. Turn off the monitor […]

How to see invisible UV Light – Easy At-Home Science

Hi, I’m Tech Adams Today, I wanted to show you this. To the naked eye and to the camera, this piece of glass appears clear, but it’s not. Oohh, see how clear. In order to show that it’s not clear, I need three things. A black piece of card, a yellow highlighter, and an ultraviolet […]