Joint of Evil (official trailer)

a rough story about a drug a drug that kills, but not it’s users! The search begins! and like a detective needs evidence, so the stoners need their pot. This is the guy who knows where to get it. Hidden from sight! Like a silent guy’s smile. Who lives a simple life. And hanging with […]


(Laughs maniacally) Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween This is Halloween, this is Halloween Pumpkins scream in the dead of night This is Halloween, everybody make a scene Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die […]

Underground – A Lego Stop-Motion Short Film

*ahem* Name and address. Timothy Smith. 8830 District D. You have great talent. You’ll go far. Thank you, sir. You have great talent. You’ll go far. Really? My name is Timothy Smith and I’m going to build a train. Not just any train. An old-fashioned steam engine. This is not just my career, this is […]